Education according to Swami Vivekanand is not just gathering information which may remain undigested throughout life, but to have life building, man making, character building, assimilation of fine ideas and making them our life and character.

Dear Parents,
Rising Sun International School, was established with an aim to promote a well designed and holistic curriculum at ‘RSI’ offess maximum learning expereince and brings down the unproductive time spells in the classroom. Our earnest attempt is to make a child’s first step out of his home a happy, enriching and rewarding expereince, giving priority that the brain power is balanced with physical, emotional, intellectual and social well being.

Our effort is to organize an environment offordiing inspiration for the development of body, mind and spirit, along with the values of truth, honesty, integrity and ardourness. it serves the needs, purposes and interests of the “WHOLE CHILD” in every child.

The curriculum at Rising Sun International School, school is unique in its weave of inventive, thinking, multiple intelligence and differentiated learning. we set quality, objectives and follow total qualitymanagement concepts as well as are transparent about our performance to achieve set goals.

We are accesrible and open to parents through scheduled meetings and other form of communications. We are very prooud of our school motto, ‘Work is worship’ learning with love and fun.
at RSIS, we believe that a strong character foundation will ensure a safe nurturing positive learning environment for all its students. The opportunities provided by way of co-curricular and curricular activities are immense.

Hope you wonld all our endeavors with your unconditional support to preserve and enhance the highest standard of excellence and prepare generations for the 21st century.
Best wishes and Blessings to our dear children!.