House System:

To boost a healthy spirit of competition among students the school follows House System. Ashok, Azad, Pratap, Tagore are the four houses which have been allotted to the children. Inter house competitions are held throughout the year to provide the students with  opportunity to show their talent.


Sports and games from an integral part of school education. It is a vital part of the school routine to promote good health, self-confidence and team spirit besides channelizing energies. Full time Physical Education teachers co-ordinate PT and various sport activities that are incorporated in school curriculum.

Scout & Guide:
The school provides its students a training in Scout & Guide to help them develop self-reliance and unfailing discipline.

The school subscribes to PACE membership of the Hindustan Times. It includes the supply of newspaper to the students at normal rates throughout the academic year, holding workshops and educational tours to a number of places. PACE provides ample opportunities to students to give vent to their literary and artistic abilities. The membership of PACE is open to all from class VI to VIII, so as to instill in them the habit of reading newspaper at and early age.

Career Guidance Center:

To knock out all doubts that the students have in their minds when they are on the brink of choosing careers of themselves, a Career Guidance Centre has been set up in the school under the able guidance of the eminent career counsellors and experts in the field. It holds workshops and lectures throughout the year to acquaint students with unlimited options in various fields.

RSIS Science Club:

This club strives at spading awareness about nature & its conservation. The zealous students are eager to walk an extra mile to explore to experiment and to take up activities to enrich natural resources. Trips to nature Parks & tree plantation drives are regular features of this club.

Educational Tours & Excursions:
Taking students out for picnics, educational and recreational excursions, museums, art galleries, exhibitions and also to watch movies of social relevance is part & parcel of education process at RSIS.